As promised 100% of your contribution was used for the relief efforts in Nepal following the devastating earthquakes of April and May 2015. Among many projects we provided tents, supported teams of doctors who delivered emergency health care to affected villagers, provided food relief to a children’s home, and built 18 temporary shelters for the village of Rupakot.

The breakdown of funds raised and how it was spent –

Raised:           $14,445.00


$1,500.00 – Dr. Fahim Rahim, direct relief to devastated villages.

$1,000.00 – SAV Nepal, Provided food for the shelter house adjacent to the Kanti Children’s hospital.

$1,000.00 – Dr. Patrick Scanlin, direct relief to Kathmandu hospitals.

$1,200.00 – Direct relief to Sindhupalchowk.

$1,500.00 – Maternal/child Health Packets delivered to Sindhupalchowk.

$800.00 – Provided fuel for transporting patients from Ghorka to hospitals in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.

$1,500.00- Tarps for temporary shelters.

$2,500.00 – Built 18 temporary shelters in Rupakot.

$3,000.00 – To Medical Mercy Canada to assist with rebuilding stable school buildings in the Dhading District.

$445.00 – Mosquito nets and water purification tablets.


Total   :           $14,445.00


Shree Poudel has been working hard in the days following the earthquake helping to transport the patients from the villages to the hospitals in the larger cities. He also was able to secure tarps from a factory near the Indian border, and later returned to purchase Zinc for the shelters. Shree is currently working with Ramesh Dharmala from Medical Mercy Canada in the Dhading District to build school buildings for the children who have not been able to attend school since the earthquakes destroyed their buildings.