I can’t believe this is our 5th trip to Nepal.

We are so lucky to be able to share this wonderful experience with our friends. After traveling to Nepal each year for the past 4 years we are excited to finally bring some volunteers with us. We warned them that it is not an easy trip to make.  Previously, we have had long layovers of up to 15 hours in either the Hong Kong or Guangzhou airports. This year, China Southern Airlines added a flight that gave us a short 2.5 hour layover in Guangzhou. That cuts the travel time significantly, and breaks the trip up enough to make it just bearable. We brought Pam and Terry K., Pam D. and Carrole W. with us as volunteers. Terry and Rene have been friends since their college days at Georgetown, and he and his wife Pam have been wanting to join us for the past several years. Pam D. and Carrole are also old friends, and they jumped at the opportunity to see this part of the world and help out at the camp. After 22 hours of flight time,  5 hours of layovers, and and 12 suitcases carrying over 400 pounds of supplies and personal items, we arrived in Kathmandu missing only 1 suitcase. I was exhausted and nervous. Once we got through customs I was much more relaxed since we have so many bottles of vitamins and I honestly think that if we had come this far only to have them taken away by the officials at the airport I would have started crying.

Our schedule for the next few days will be mainly sightseeing for our friends, and Rene and I need to do some Health Camp preparation for one day. We are all exhausted from the long trip, but happy to be here and ready to get to work! Please check our blog throughout the next few weeks for photos and stories about the camp.