It has now been 3 weeks since the “Great Quake” of Nepal and the aftershocks continue daily. In the midst of their recovery life goes on; wars are still being fought, terrorist are organizing and displacing their victims and the world continues to be in turmoil. Will the most vulnerable population in Nepal be forgotten?

There are an estimated 126,000 pregnant women in Nepal who are effected by the disaster. According to experts in the field of disaster relief and recovery, elderly people, pregnant women and young children are often submerged by the overwhelming demand for orthopedic services that are more urgent following earhtquakes. Old people are displaced, children are orphaned, babies are born prematurely and life goes on,

This article highlights some of the issues that are facing the pregnant women and their children. Many of the remote villages have not yet been assessed by aid teams and relief efforts can still take a long time to reach them. It does not matter so much who you donate to, but please do not forget these people. They would open their homes and their hearts to you if given the chance.